Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Protein pancakes V Homemade protein bars


Yesterday I made the 'tone it up' protein pancakes and a little later I made the home made protein bars, here are the links to how they are made:

For the protein pancakes and bars, I used chocolate whey protein instead of vanilla :)

Here's my pancake-

It was REALLY dry :( so you have to put the syrup on top- I hunted around for Agave syrup which is squeezed from a plant in Mexico and is really hard to find in the UK, but I found it!

This syrup is REALLY sweet....

All in all.... I wasn't that impressed with the protein pancakes :( but I hear the peanut butter pancakes are ALOT better- so I will try those out next, I will also mix them with a whisk to make them lighter and see if that helps!

The protein bars on the other hand!! OH MY GOSH! they are to die for!!!
Please please please try them! you won't regret! but be carefull! Once you eat 1 you won't be able to stop!! :) I will post a photo later!


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