Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Thai Fish Cakes YUM!

So spicy they will warm you up on any winters day ^_^

I make a big batch and freeze them!

Any type of white fish (1kg)
Green Thai chillies chopped finely (to taste...i use a lot!...probably 20% of these fish cakes are chilli)
red curry paste (100g)
fish sauce (6 tablespoons...or to taste)

Mix fish curry paste and fish sauce together in blender, then add the chillis and mix together with your hand. This takes at least 10 mins of mixing....it should be mixed with your hand really quickly until the mixture becomes bouncy with lots of air in.

Then make into patties and put in the oven or fry :)

No flour or eggs necessary!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hello! So I have been working since September and by October my healthy eating and daily exercise was getting worse and worse.....then there was Christmas....now it's June and I can't fit into my jeans...and I am getting married in just 4 short weeks...why oh why did I not take it seriously before that I had to look good in my wedding dress!! I had my fitting yesterday,.... my arms aren't toned....my stomach isn't flat and the white dress just makes it look worse :( I had all these plans to diet but they never materialised! So... I only have 4 weeks...I finish my contract at work Wednesday, which means I can go to the gym everyday and go running...and concentrate on preparing healthy meals...actually I always make healthy meals...it's just the late night sugar cravings that kill me!! but if I beat those and actually go to the gym everyday (not just 2 times a week like I do now!) then hopefully (fingers crossed) I will look better in 4 weeks time.... Maybe I should do a 7DSD??? but don't want to go into shock so may do a week of exercise and then get into the 7DSD!! Why oh why do I leave these things to the last minute! haha.... I can't lose too much weight- otherwise my dress will be too big.... my plan is to achieve toned arms and a flatter stomach.... that will make me happy :) XOXOXO Hope you are all well!