About Me


I don't have a degree in nutrition or anything (I do have a PhD in social science though!) but I have read a lot about health and healthy lifestyles and am trying to 'eat clean'.

I LOVE food and enjoy eating, I can't diet, and i LOVE baking! Luckily, I also love going to the gym and going for runs, so this helps me burn off all the calories!

This is my first blog, not really sure what to do, but I'm hoping this will keep me motivated to stay on track with my healthy eating as I've seen so many other blogs that have really inspired me :)

This is from my first blog and explains a bit more about me:


So first of all this is my first blog....I'm very new to this! I've been inspired to start blogging by so many inspirational blog sites out there (e.g. http://www.blogilates.com and http://www.toneitup.com/) and although this will never be as good, I wanted to add my opinions :)

My husband and I are trying to get fit....and 'tone up'. We have to do it on a budget, and we have been trying to do this for months but I've only lost 2kg and still have around 4kg to go! SO I'm hoping this blog will help me to get serious about this!

I used to run half marathons and be 56-57kg/125lbs and I am 175cm (just over 5ft 8)....but at the end of my PhD I stopped exercising and went up to 65kg. I lost 2kg in the last few months as we have been going to the gym a lot! So now I'm around 61 kg...and I am really struggling to get rid of these last few kilograms! SO how do I lose around 6 or 7 lbs (4 ish kg)???

My husband on the other hand, wants to gain muscle...and lose some weight..he takes loads of protein shakes, cla, and lots of other pre and post workout supplements ....he is Thai and so eats very healthily....usually not eating breakfast (but has protein shake) and has a late lunch after the gym of chicken and salad or vegetables...and a dinner of chicken or fish. SO we do eat quite healthily- but I have 1 small addiction- sugar- mainly in the form of chocolate biscuits.....my husband says he has never seen anyone eat so much sugar...so this is my main downfall....I sometimes skip a meal just so that I can eat some chocolate!

Anyway.....my aims for my blog are:
To help me stop eating chocolate
To exercise 'smarter' and harder
To share my experiences
To help me 'tone it up'!