My 5km run

So this is my 5km run I try to do at least 3 times a week, but as this summer has been terrible.... I couldn't do it as much as I wanted and now its getting colder and colder so I will have to work out indoors more :( I start from my gym, go around a lake and back to my gym again- it's exactly 5km! :)

on way to lake...

It's about 1/2 km to get to the lake

As soon as I see the water I feel calmer and it's all worth it

It's so easy to run around the lake, there is a jogging path :)

I love the trees :) this is around the 1 km point

So peaceful!

main watersports lake....

2km point... on way to nature lake (there are 2 lakes joined together, 1 sports, 1 nature...both are 2km around approx)

There are 2 points where there are hills.... ouch! this is the 3km point and it's always a hard push up the hill!! lol

The nature lake- so serene

This is the 3km point and where i think to myself- OK more than half way, this is the way home and to the finish line!

This is where I stop and drink some water...and walk for a bit to make the most of the shade!


4km point, can see the Japanese peace pagoda

I always give the temple a quick 'wai' for good karma

Nealry finished, back to watersports lake and exit!

WHOO HOO! Back to the gym! (to do resistance work!)

Time: 34 min (PB was 27 mins)
Calories: 298
Average HR: 156