Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hello! So I have been working since September and by October my healthy eating and daily exercise was getting worse and worse.....then there was it's June and I can't fit into my jeans...and I am getting married in just 4 short weeks...why oh why did I not take it seriously before that I had to look good in my wedding dress!! I had my fitting yesterday,.... my arms aren't stomach isn't flat and the white dress just makes it look worse :( I had all these plans to diet but they never materialised! So... I only have 4 weeks...I finish my contract at work Wednesday, which means I can go to the gym everyday and go running...and concentrate on preparing healthy meals...actually I always make healthy's just the late night sugar cravings that kill me!! but if I beat those and actually go to the gym everyday (not just 2 times a week like I do now!) then hopefully (fingers crossed) I will look better in 4 weeks time.... Maybe I should do a 7DSD??? but don't want to go into shock so may do a week of exercise and then get into the 7DSD!! Why oh why do I leave these things to the last minute! haha.... I can't lose too much weight- otherwise my dress will be too big.... my plan is to achieve toned arms and a flatter stomach.... that will make me happy :) XOXOXO Hope you are all well!

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